Karthik Ganesh

Tatiana’s expertise is in product management, sales and marketing.

As a founder and community leader herself, she is experienced in the many different tasks needed to start and grow a community business. She has recently helped a new Circle community bring in $35K+ in launch revenue.

She can work with you in all aspects of your community launch (or relaunch) including:
  • Day-to-day project management
  • Tech build, set-up and training
  • Writing and editing of launch-related emails, social media, and community content
  • Marketing and partnership outreach to scale your visibility
  • Member engagement strategy

Cost: Launch projects start at $1000. Coaching packages vary, but your first session is free. You can schedule a coaching session here.
Contact Info: Email Tatiana at tatfig@hey.com
Noele provides coaching for new community builders to help them make key decisions about their community strategy and make a strong start or solve game-time problems that are coming up in their community. She works on everything from community content strategy to engagement strategy to launch plans and more.Β 

She specializes in working with entrepreneurs to help them bring the know-how of "big brand" community builders to a scrappy project, and deliver a premium community experience that stands out from the pack. She also can help with select done-for-you community projects.Β 

Cost: Starts at $150/hour for coaching; custom quotes on a case-by-case basis
Contact Info:
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Mel's expertise is in strategy and growth.

If you need help creating a strategic plan to bring your Circle community business to a new audience, level or space, level up your community offering, your growth within your business or you want to reposition yourself as a founder, your branding, partnerships & market category then she might be a good fit!Β 

Mel's expertise lies in being able to generate a set of ideas, some for existing product and services, some to expand your reach into new markets and partners.

Cost: Starts at $500, but depends on the project requirements
Contact Info:
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Narendra Vaghela, co-founder at SprintCube, can help get Circle communities setup. He offers three main services:

  1. SSO Setup - Get help with the SSO setup for the Circle integration on your web app or platform.
  2. Automation using Zapier - Get help automating events that happen on your website and community using Zapier.
  3. Data Migration - Get help importing your existing user community or forum data to your Circle account.

Cost: Case by case basis
Contact Info:
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Circle Experts are consultants, freelancers and agencies that can help setup your community and help you do more with automation and customization.
Sam helps Circle communities with advanced CSS setups that can help customize your community experience. For example, Sam can help provide CSS customization so you can customize your spaces by hiding the like button altogether, hiding the number of members in each space, and changing the community background.

Cost: Case by case basis
Contact Info: Email Sam at support@course.pro