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šŸŽ‰ Announcement: We've raised an additional $4M

Hey everybody! šŸ‘‹ Here's some news ļ»æ Sid Yadav ļ»æ, ļ»æ Rudy Santino ļ»æ and I wanted to share with you today...

We've raised an additional $4M to help accelerate our vision here at Circle. Techcrunch covered our raise. And you can see the announcement when you scroll down below.

We did this fundraise differently.

We had a lot of opportunities to raise traditional venture capital from top tier firms.

Instead, we chose to raise money from well known angel investors, operators, community builders, and...our very own customers / creators. šŸŽ‰ šŸ™Œ ā¤ļø

It's special to be able to add some of our customers and community members to the cap table this time around. We exist because of you.

Those investors/advisors are: ļ»æ Anne-Laure Le Cunff ļ»æ, ļ»æ Tiago Forte ļ»æ, Ankur Nagpal, ļ»æ Nat Eliason ļ»æ, Brendon Burchard, ļ»æ Ben Tossell ļ»æ, ļ»æ Greta Eagan ļ»æ, Elizabeth Yin, ļ»æ swyx ļ»æ, ļ»æ Tonner ļ»æ, ļ»æ David Perell ļ»æ, ļ»æ Matthew Gartland (he/him) ļ»æ and certainly others who I tried to tag but couldn't find šŸ˜‚

This is a win for the whole community. Now we'll have more resources so that we can:

šŸ” Execute on our product roadmap (which we're truly excited about)
šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’» Build the best community and education for folks building communities
šŸ… Invest significantly in support and customer success
ļ»æ ļ»æ
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