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🎉 Announcement: We've raised an additional $4M

Hey everybody! 👋 Here's some news  Sid Yadav ,  Rudy Santino  and I (Andy) wanted to share with you today...

We've raised an additional $4M to help accelerate our vision here at Circle. Techcrunch covered our raise. And you can see the announcement when you scroll down below.

We did this fundraise differently.

We had a lot of opportunities to raise traditional venture capital from top tier firms.

Instead, we chose to raise money from well known angel investors, operators, community builders, and...our very own customers / creators. 🎉 🙌 ❤️

It's special to be able to add some of our customers and community members to the cap table this time around. We exist because of you.

Those investors/advisors are:  Anne-Laure Le Cunff ,  Tiago Forte , Ankur Nagpal,  Nat Eliason , Brendon Burchard,  Ben Tossell ,  Greta Eagan , Elizabeth Yin,  swyx ,  Tonner ,  David Perell ,  Matthew Gartland (he/him)  and certainly others who I tried to tag but couldn't find 😂

This is a win for the whole community. Now we'll have more resources so that we can:

🏔 Execute on our product roadmap (which we're truly excited about)
👩🏻‍💻 Build the best community and education for folks building communities
🏅 Invest significantly in support and customer success
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