Topics are the most familiar form of community engagement, allowing your members to surface interesting discussions along with comments. Let's take a look at what you can do with them!

💡 Advanced settings are only available to admins. You can also prevent members from creating their own topic title by navigating to Space → Settings, and adjusting the "Hide topic title" toggle.
1) Create topics
To create a new topic, navigate to your space and click "New Topic".

Text Editor: Aside from the basic font editor, you can additionally embed content into your topics. Additionally you can tag members in topics by using the "@" symbol.
Custom URL slug: Set a custom URL for your topic.
Cover image: Set up a cover image for this topic. We recommend the dimensions of 840 x 300.
Space: Select which space you would like the topic to appear in.
Hide meta info: If you would like to hide meta info such as the author, and the post date, toggle this OFF.
Disable comments: If you would like to disable the ability to comment on this topic, toggle this OFF.
Disable likes: If you would like to disable the ability to comment on this topic, toggle this OFF.

2) Pin topics
You also have the ability to pin topics to the top of a space, or within the sidebar to highlight your most important content.

Pin to top: Highlight an important topic by pinning it to the top. This can set the tone for a space by offering guidelines, or tips!

Pin to sidebar: Give your pinned topics label in the sidebar a custom name by navigating to Space → Settings → Pinned topics label.

By hovering on a topic, and selecting "Pin to sidebar" you can now highlight a group of topics to standout for this space.

Head over to your own community to start highlighting important topics for your members!

3) Post Comments
Circle supports threaded comments, along with the ability to tag other members in discussions using the "@" symbol.