Circle features allow your community members to help keep discussions appropriate, and on-topic, with your moderation settings. Let's take a walk through to see how members can report content, and how admins can moderate flagged content.

Members can report content
Any member can report a topic or content by hovering over the three dots and clicking "Report".

Review flagged content
Once a topic or comment is flagged for review, it will appear as "In Review" under that space.

Access all flagged content by navigating to the moderation queue by navigating to Settings β†’Β  Moderation. Every reported item includes the original content, details on why it was flagged, and by who.

Customize moderation rules
Navigate to the "Settings" section of your community, and then click on Moderation β†’ Β Settings in the left sidebar.

Flag all member activity after X reports
Decide how many flagged topics or comments a member can have before all of their posts require admin approval.

Flag all member activity after their flagged content is rejected
When you reject a flagged topic or comment for a member, all future posts will require approval. Only admin-rejected content will count towards the moderation limit for a member.

Flag members individually to have their future posts moderated
Once a member is flagged, all of their future comments/topics will be hidden immediately and held for review on the moderation dashboard.

Use the Flag Member toggle located on the member profile to deactivate/activate auto-moderation at any time.