On Circle, Spaces are used to keep conversations organized by topic. It's where you’ll find member discussions, files, and anything else you want to share with your community. You can further organize your Spaces by creating Space Groups, which are helpful for segmenting important information and topics.

Keep in mind that members are logged-in people that you invited to your community. Visitors include logged-out members, as well as anyone who tries to access the community URL.

Let's take a closer look at each, this will give you the tools to structure your community in a flexible way!

βœ… Step 1: Create Your Space
Create your Space by hovering on the plus sign to the right of the group name. This is where the magic happens! Start by giving it a name.

βœ… Step 2: Control Visibility Settings
Set a custom URL for this Space, you can always change this later.

Hide from logged out visitors:
  • When toggled OFF: This space and contents inside will be publicly viewable. In the following steps, you can decide to display a locked page message or hide it altogether.
  • When toggled ON: This space will be hidden to visitors.

πŸ’‘If this space has sensitive information or part of an exclusive offering, it is best practice to toggle this ON. If you want visitors to be able to see discussions, or have them land on your locked page, toggle this OFF.
Make this a private space:
  • When toggled OFF: This will be a public space. Members will be able to see what's inside this space without being added by you. They will have the option to join this space if they want to.
  • When toggled ON: Members will have to be invited by you into the space before they can see what's inside it.

Hide space from non-members (this setting is only visible if "Make this a private space" is toggled ON):
  • When toggled OFF: Any logged-in community member who is not already a member of this space, OR β€” if your community is public β€” a logged out visitor who can see that this space exists, will land on your custom locked page message. They won't be able to access this space unless and until you add them.
  • When toggled ON: Your space will not be visible to non-space members at all, including the locked page, or be visible in their sidebar. It's like this space won't exist at all to anyone who isn't already inside it :)
πŸ’‘If you would like to entice members to gain access to a private space, toggle this OFF and provide a custom message! If the space should be completely private, toggle this ON.
Reminder: Anyone who is an admin can access all private spaces.

Custom Locked page: Customize your locked page with a custom heading, title, and button. If your private space is based on a paid membership, you could point them to the payment page. Here's what it looks like for a non-member:

βœ… Step 3: Invite Members
When you're ready, invite any member from your community manually, or add everyone from the group member list (see more on groups here).

βœ… Step 4: Create Notification Settings
Email notifications will be sent via email, while in-app notifications will only appear in the Circle notification list.

πŸ’‘For active spaces with a high volume of topic creation, you may only want to notify members of important pinned topics or remove notifications completely. Turning on notifications for all topics is helpful if the space will only contain important updates.
βœ… Step 5: Choose Display Options
  • Display view: Post View allows you to view topic and all details, while List View collapses topics to only show the title and comment/like counts. Card View is a grid layout that can display the title, header, and comment/like counts.

  • Disable topic creation: Decide if members in this space will be able to freely create topics.
  • Hide topic settings: Choose to hide topic settings for members. Pictured below are the advanced topic settings that you can allow members to access.

  • Hide sorting: Control the order in which posts are seen. They will not see the sort filter if this is toggled ON.
  • Hide Right sidebar: Choose to hide the most active members and pinned topics for this space.
  • Default tab: Choose if members should land on topics or the member list by default
  • Default sort: Choose the default sorting for this space.
  • Pinned topics label: Create your own custom label for your pinned topics.

🏁You did it! Once you everything is set the way you want, click "Save Changes".

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