Space Groups are a better way of organizing your spaces. If you plan to offer many different spaces, this will allow you to group together similar topics!

✅  Step 1: Create Your Group
Create Space Groups by hovering over dividers in the left sidebar, and click the "Plus" sign. Start by giving it a name!

✅  Step 2: Control Visibility Settings
Decide how you'd like the Space Group to appear to any visitor that has access to your community URL.

Hide from non-space members:
  • When toggled OFF: All visitors can see the name of this group along with the names of its spaces.
  • When toggled ON: Only members can see the name of the group along with names of public spaces within this group. If you created individual spaces visible to visitors in this group it will be hidden, but accessible with the URL.

💡Tip: If you want visitors to see all spaces that the group has to offer, toggle this OFF. If this group will contain sensitive or exclusive information, we recommend you toggle this ON.
Allow members to create spaces:
  • When toggled OFF: Only admins will be able to create new spaces.
  • When toggled ON: Any member within any space of this group can create new spaces.

✅  Step 3: Setup Member Access
The member list for a Space Group is only available to admins, while member lists of individual spaces are publicly viewable.

Automatically add members to new spaces within group:
  • When toggled OFF: If a new space gets created, members of the group will not be automatically added.
  • When toggled ON: Members of this group will be automatically added to all private and public spaces that you create within.

💡Tip: If your member list for this group only contains moderators or admins, you may want to turn this ON so that they're added to newly created spaces within this group.
Automatically add members to this group when they join a space inside it:
  • When toggled OFF: Any member you invite to a space within this group will not be automatically added to the group member list.
  • When toggled ON: Any member you invite to a space within will automatically add them to the space group member list. Pictured below is where you can locate your group member list.

💡Keep this toggled ON if you'd like your group member list to contain all members that join new spaces. Keep this OFF if you'd like the group member list to contain specific members.
🏁  Once you are done, click "Create"!

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