spYou don't have to set up the order of your spaces perfectly the first time around, Circle offers flexibility for reorganization! Check out the two ways to adjust the appearance of spaces and groups.

Option 1: Adjust the order of spaces within a group

With a simple click and drag, you can easily re-order spaces within a space group.

Option 2: Move spaces to different groups

Navigate to Space Settings → Edit Space → Space Group and update the space group.

What happens to my member list if I move a space to another group?
By moving a space to a new group, your space and space group member lists will remain unchanged.

In the example below we move "The Launch Process" space, to the "Private Mastermind" space group to demonstrate that the member list count for all affected spaces and groups will remain the same.

If you move your space to a group that has any of the settings enabled in the screenshot below (Space Group → Settings), newly invited members will be automatically added to the space or group as specified by the toggle moving forward.

💡 If you wish to automatically update the spaces and groups that your members belong to in bulk, we recommend setting up a Zapier integration with EasyCSV and Circle! You can also do manual exports of community members by using our CSV feature.

Option 3: Move topics to different spaces

Navigate to a topic and click on the three dots to the right, and click "Edit". From there you can select from any space within your community to move the topic!