It’s time! We’re starting early beta testing for Circle’s iOS app. Use the form below if you're interested in participating.

Please note:
  • This is an early beta. There’s a chance you and / or your members may encounter bugs and incomplete features. If you aren’t comfortable with this, we strongly suggest you wait for the official release (not too far away!)
  • With that said, the point of an early beta is to listen to you and prioritize your feedback.
  • You'll be able to test the app yourself; or share the beta link with any members in your community for them to test it as well. We won't be making any announcements on your behalf to your members.
  • Circle’s iOS app will not be white-labeled — you’ll have to ask your members to “download the Circle app”. That said, once your members log in to your community on the app, they won’t be seeing any Circle branding.
  • The app is initially geared towards member features, and not administrative features. We hope to add administrative features over time.

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