If you're not using Zapier to level up your community with automation, here's the perfect chance!

You can now use Circle's Zapier integration to send automated direct messages to your members based on a variety of events and triggers. Personal 1-1 touchpoints can take your member onboarding to the next level, and help keep them engaged with important topics and events.

Using Circle's own Zapier triggers, you can send automated direct messages whenever:
  • A new member is added to your community
  • A new topic is posted in a space
  • A new comment is posted in a topic
  • A new space is created within your community
  • A new member is tagged within your community

And, of courseβ€” the Zapier integration works with any other product supported by Zapier!

πŸ’‘ For example: if you wish to send a direct message to all members at once, we recommend integrating EasyCSV with Circle.

Welcoming a new member

The most common usecase for this integration is to welcome newly joined members with an automated direct message. As soon as the member joins your community, they'll receive your message.

Behind the scenes

Setting up your Zapier integration requires two simple steps. The first step is telling Zapier what action to look for. If you want to send a direct message whenever a new member joins, simply select "New Member Added". In the second step, you select the "Send Direct Message" action which is where you can customize your message. That's it πŸ’₯ !

If you're ready to get started, check out our complete walkthrough guide here.
Amazing. Was just wishing for this!

I'd loveΒ to be able to separate "Name" into FNAME and LNAME both for purposes like thisΒ andΒ our mailing systems! It seems like Circle itself has that logic built in (I see it in the onboarding popup function) but I don'tΒ thinkΒ I can get that out?

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