As your community grows, you'll want others to help with administration and moderation: virtual assistants, teacher mentors, volunteer moderators, chapter leaders, group leaders, and more.

We've got you covered! You can now scale your community with ease by assigning moderators to spaces and space groups.

What can a moderator do?

Moderators have full admin capabilities respective to their assigned spaces or groups. This means they can:
  • Add/remove members
  • Pin/unpin topics
  • Edit/remove topics
  • Edit/remove comments
  • Manage settings
  • Access the Settings → Moderation tab to approve or reject topics or comments that have been flagged inside the space(s) they moderate
If they're a space group-level moderator, they can also manage space group settings, and create/ remove/manage spaces within the group.

How many moderators can I assign?

The number of moderators you can assign will depend on your plan:
  • Basic plan: you can assign 1 member to moderate an unlimited amount of spaces and groups
  • Pro plan: you can assign up to 10 members to moderate an unlimited amount of spaces and groups
  • Enterprise plan: you can assign up to 100 members to moderate an unlimited amount of spaces and groups

How do I assign a moderator?

There are a few ways to assign moderators to a space or space group. Check out the options below!

Option 1: Assign moderators within a space group
Navigate to Space Group → Edit Space Group and select your moderators for the group.

Option 2: Assign moderators within a space
Navigate to Space → Settings → Edit Space and scroll to the bottom to select moderators.

Option 3: Grant moderation privileges under the member profile
Go directly to any member profile and select spaces or groups for them to moderate. This is a great option if you want to make a member a moderator for multiple spaces at once.

Option 4: Make someone a moderator when you invite them to your community
When inviting members, you now have the option to make them a moderator directly on the invite page.

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Sooo many great ways to use this feature.
Such a great update y'all! 👏👏
This is great! More granularity in permissions can help community managers distribute ownership and scale. Bravo 👏 

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