Previously, you could only see a member's Topics on their profile. We've now added tabs for their Spaces and Comments too.

To get to someone's profile, you can click on their photo from a topic or member list.

Note: The topics, comments, and spaces we show on a profile are adjusted for the observing member's permissions. A member looking at someone's profile can only see the content they can access. 
This is a nice feature for logged-in visitors, but I've seen that it's possible to see the topics/comments/spaces of a profile in a space with settings 'Hide from logged out visitors = on' for a logged-out user.

Is this expected behaviour?

See my profile here, as a logged-out user

Are these comments only hidden in private spaces?
I cannot see comments and spaces in my members' profiles. And I cannot find where to adjust the setting, if there is one.
Robert Yang - Please write in to with links to any sample profiles and we can take a look.

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