There are two pieces of feedback we hear frequently from members of Circle communities:
  1. It's hard to keep up with topics I'm interested in, but don't want to comment on.
  2. Replies to my comments which aren't directly nested or @ mention'd get missed quite often.

It's time we address this! Circle now lets members "follow" a topic to be notified any time there's a new comment. Additionally, commenters on a topic are now treated as followers and notified about any future comments, including non-nested replies. (Of course, a topic can be unfollowed at any time.)

There are two ways to follow and unfollow topics:

1) You can click on the 3 dots on the top right hand of the topic:

2) You can click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of any topic / comment notification:

We'd like to thank our community for this feature suggestion: thanks Ana, Ralf and others!

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments section, or by reaching out to :)
This is awesome! I wish there was a way to be notified of all activity in my community or a timeline where I can see comments on topics I haven't posted, etc. I have a small community (~50 people), but some of them are my apprentices and it's important that I'm able to follow the comments thread on topics I haven't created.
I agree! We have Transformation Guides (aka assistant coaches) who each have a dedicated day that they support inside of our community but if they haven't created the topic then they don't see notifications on itβ€”and it would be quite difficult to manually turn notifications on for every topic. Any suggestions?
Lexi D'Angelo (she/her/hers) Β I think the only option we have now is to sort a space by New Activity, which shows topics with the latest comments at the top. But ideally, I'd like a timeline where I can see all activity in the community.
Excellent! Thanks for implementing and being so responsive to suggestions from the community!

I'm very excited to see how this changes the interactions in my community for the better.
Boom! What a goooooood news! πŸ‘Β 
One question about this. Would it be possible to add this as a metric in analytics to see what content/topics members are subscribing to more often? Kind of like we do with comments, likes, etc...

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