We've heard from members that email notifications can be a bit much, and that in general, they'd love to engage with communities in ways that reduce friction.

So starting Thursday, July 9th, we'll be rolling out our weekly digest email feature: a beautiful, personalized email sent to your members every week with relevant highlights from your community.

The weekly digest will be automatically sent out every Thursday at 9am PT, and will be completely branded to your community. A member won't receive the email if they have less than 2 new topics visible to them, and they'll have the option to disable it at any time.

If you would like your entire community to opt-out of these emails, please let us know before Thursday July 9th by emailing support@circle.so. An opt-out toggle for your community will be visible in the Settings β†’ General area after Thursday as well.

Digests will include:
  • Up to 10 popular topics from public spaces and private spaces the member belongs to, ordered by engagement score
  • A number count that displays total new topics created
  • A number count that displays unread notifications
  • Up to 10 popular comments from public spaces and private spaces the member belongs to, ordered by engagement score
  • Up to 3 newly joined members from the past week show their avatar, name, and headline

Visibility Criteria

A digest will only be sent to a member if there are at least 2 new topics from the past week visible to them (i.e. posted in spaces they're a member of, OR any public space.)

Any topics or comments posted in private spaces they aren't a part of will not be included in the email. We'll hide the comments section if there are less than 2 comments, and the new members section if there are less than 2 members.

Notification Settings

Members will have the option to disable the weekly digest from Account β†’ Notifications, and a link to this page will be visible at the top and bottom of the email.

Worth reiterating β€” as the community admin, you'll be able to disable this feature from the Settings β†’ General area at any time for your entire community.

We look forward to any feedback that you and / or your members have about the email. Give us a holler at support@circle.so!
SO excited for this to be here. πŸ”₯
Super stoked about this feature!!!

Yes! This is super exciting.Β  I've been wanting a digest like this myself so I can't wait to see how you're planning on rolling it out.

Keep up the great work guys!
This is so, so, so great. Thanks team!Β 

To add to this, it would be cool if this was customizable - sometimes we may not want to be emailing about the most popular topics by number, but the highest quality topics we curate. An example of this is that if the most popular topic is about some negative issue, you probably don't want to signal boost that πŸ˜€Β 
I wonder if this could be possible via the sidebar pins?
Buffy Owens Noele Flowers just a heads up - we've now made it so that pinned any topic (to sidebar or to top of the space) gives it a huge signal boost and will appear above all others in digests.Β 

At some point soon we're looking introducing the concept of highlighting/pinning a comment as well; we'll likely do the same with this.
Sid YadavΒ Happy Dance! Thank you for adding this feature! It will really up the value of the digest. Thank you!
Any news on when the links in the Digest will work for SSO login?
Hi Buffy OwensΒ the links should already work with the digest for SSO login. If you are referring to the auto-login tokens which I remember you writing in about, those should be coming soon (next week-ish)!
Is the week timeframe pretty hard-coded? Any plans to make that customizable by the community (e.g. every other week, monthly, etc.)

I'm not sure this is the most useful customization, but my initial thought was that "weekly is too often for my community". If it's intelligent based on activity, which it sounds like it is, then I guess it would batch to times when the community is more active (so perhaps the limits of send/no-send are the things that might be customizable by communities).
Hey Paul, being able to adjust the frequency makes sense! On the technical front, this is definitely doable. We'll get to it in the next few weeks.
Had one person mention how much they love this featureΒ 

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