You can now customize meta and Open Graph tags for your spaces and topics!

Meta tags are key to your SEO strategy, improving how links rank and appear in search engines. Open Graph tags allow for richer, more compelling link previews on social networks, which can lead to drastic improvements on click-through rates.

Here's a before and after image of an article shared on Facebook without and with an Open Graph image tag. You can use this tool to see how your community links will show up on social networks.



Please note that this will only work properly for public spaces and topics. If you share a private space or topic, visitors will only be able to view a message prompting them to log in.

Customize space meta tags

Navigate to Space → Settings to customize the meta tags for any space.

Customize topic meta tags

Navigate to Space → Topic → Edit Topic to customize the meta tags for any topic.

Please note that you will have to publish your topic or space before you can edit the meta tags.

Start adding these to your most visible topics and spaces, please email with any feedback!

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