A common request we get is for the ability to share unique signup invitation links to new members. Today, we're releasing an invitation link manager to help you do just that.

You can access the invitation link manager by clicking on the Members icon in the header, and then selecting Invitation Links from the left sidebar.

When you create an invitation link, you can also pre-select spaces or space groups so that members who use that link are automatically added to them when they join.

For example, you can create multiple links for different sets of spaces or space groups and distribute them to tiered cohorts via your email list. In this example, imagine a Basic and Advanced tier which gives access to different space groups:

Invitation links work for both public and private communities and give you greater control over the member invitation and onboarding process. Give it a try!

Note: if invitation links aren't your jam, you can also bulk import members via CSV, use Zapier, or add them individually.
This is incredible!! Any idea if "defining rules around member tags to match them to spaces" in a CSV is on the roadmap?

Or is that something that is already there?
Hi Preet! You could set up a Circle to Circleย Zapier integration to help with that. In Step 1 you can select the trigger New Member Added, and in the next step you can select an action to apply tags or add to spaces. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
So happy for this feature! Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™Œ

I have a question though. We have our students being added through an integration between Teachable and Zapier. Some of our students say they didn't get the invites. Can I create this invitation link and send it to them without overriding any of the previous space groups "attributions"?
Hi Ana! This shouldn't cause any overriding. You could create a custom Teachable invite link that would add them to the same space groups and spaces that the integration would as a backup just in case you need an easy way to resend the invite.
Keisha Thomas just as a FIY, I tested it and for members who already have their emails in the platform, Circle doesn't let them use the link to sign up. They have to sign in. This even happens for members who have never signed up โ€” I tested this myself with other emails I have. This means that people who never signed up have to sign in, but because they never defined a password, they basically have to reset a password they never created in order to create a "new" one and then sign in.

This link is great, but not for this purpose specifically I'm afraid.
Ana Sofia That sounds like a bug - Iโ€™ll have the team test this flow once over and get back to you with findings.

Intended flow:
1) If an email doesnโ€™t already have a circle account, they should see a Join screen which has them set an email and password, which will then sign them up to the community and ask for display information (name, avatar, headline, etc)
2) If some already has a Circle account as a member of another community and theyโ€™re already logged in, they should see a โ€œJoinโ€ button with text that says something like โ€œJoin Sid and 150 others on Circle Community.โ€ They wonโ€™t have to enter anything, just click that button to become a member.

If theyโ€™re not logged in but have a Circle account, theyโ€™ll be reminded to sign in if they enter their email to join, and it should be the same flow as the one above.

Sorry, Iโ€™m not at a computer at the moment but Iโ€™ll have this flow confirmed shortly!
Ana Sofia - the join screen should look something like this. In this case, someone with an existing Circle account has followed an invitation link to the Pro Creator community, and is logged in already. So all they have to click is the Join button:

Or this -- in this example, someone has followed an invitation link but is not signed in to a Circle account, and will have to create a new account:

Sid Yadav I got "email has already been taken..." message. I'll send you an email (support@) with the screenshots because some have my personal email.

Ana Sofia ("following" - I saw your 'follow' question elsewhere - I'm waiting for a 'turn on notifications for this post' feature, too, and didn't know what else to do in the meantime to follow this comment thread here)
Perfect, was looking forward to this! Thanks for your efforts!
Is there a way to add people coming from a custom invite link to a particular member tag? I can't figure it out.

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