Weekly digests are a great way to keep members updated with your community, but previously weren't very customizable. Well, weโ€™ve got some updates!

1) Add a custom introduction
You can now set a custom introduction to show up at the top of every digest from Settings โ†’ Weekly Digest. You can update this introduction weekly before the digest goes out to members every Thursday to use it as a community newsletter.

Note: If your introduction isn't meant to be permanent, please remember to update or reset it after it goes out the following Thursday at 9am PT.

2) Choose which sections you want to include in your digestย 
We've introduced toggles to hide topics, comments, stats, or new member sections.

Pro-tip: You can ensure a specific topic appears in a weekly digest by pinning it to the top of a space or to the sidebar.

As always, share your feedback below, or email support@circle.so!
This. Is. AWESOME!ย 

Thank you.
Oooo ๐Ÿ‘€ This is awesome!!

Iโ€™m thinking about if this can replace my current newsletter. Bring everything under the one roof ๐Ÿง Nice work everyone!ย 
Great! ย Can we change the day of the week the newsletter goes out? ย I noticed that Circleโ€™s goes out on Mondayโ€™s and I would like ours to as well (since it encourages my community to post their weekend runs).ย 
Kevin Chang - our newsletters actually go out on Thursday like everyone else's! I believe there was week where some of the digest emails failed to go out on a Thursday, so we re-triggered those emails on Monday.

With that said, we do plan on making the day/time adjustable at some point soon.
Awesome ๐Ÿคฉ Thank you Circle team!
This is awesome!

Would love to see more features around the digest in the future, like the ability to increase it to 2x or 3x per week ๐Ÿค“
Or a daily digest rather than receiving all notifications in real-time
Freaking brilliant.

IDEA: configure the weekly digest introduction text field to automatically delete after it is sent. That way if I forget to update it within 7 days, it won't be sent out again!


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