Thanks to the feedback we receive from you, Circle keeps getting better in nifty ways! πŸ™Œ

1️⃣  Disable topic truncation
You can now use the "Disable truncation" toggle in topic settings to prevent a topic from being truncated with "Show more." Great for pinned topics, guidelines, and content pages β€” like this one.

2️⃣  Maintain URL redirects on change
When you change your space or topic slugs going forward, we'll remember to redirect your old URLs to the new ones.

3️⃣  Default sort order for comments and members
In space settings, you can now set a default sort order for how comments show up in topics, and members in the Members tab. Also, we now enable you to sort your comments from new to old.

4️⃣  Customize reply-to email
In Settings > General, you can now customize the reply-to email for Circle member notifications. This means when members reply to a notification email, they'll be sending a reply to the email you provide here.

5️⃣  Customize topic author
Admins or moderators can now change the topic author on any topic.

6️⃣  Card view topic thumbnails
You can now set a thumbnail specific to card view in topic settings. This thumbnail can be a different aspect ratio (i.e. closer to a square) than your topic cover image.Β 

Β  More frequent email notifications for new unread direct messages
Previously, we would only email you when you received a direct message from someone you hadn't talked to before. Starting tomorrow, we'll email you about any new unread direct messages that were sent while you were away. (Of course, email notifications for DMs can still be turned off in Settings > Notifications.)

8️⃣ Β New topic/comment zapier triggers on all activity across your community
If you wanted to setup a Zapier trigger so that new Circle topics or comment events interacted with another service (for example, sent to a Slack channel), you previously had to select a space. The space field is now optional, which means that if you don't select one, we'll send triggers for topic/comment activity across all your spaces.

9️⃣  No more warning notices on Microsoft Edge with Defender
Some users were seeing a warning notice on Microsoft Edge + Defender. We've fixed this issue.

πŸ”Ÿ Β Custom domain automation
Custom domains are now fully automated. No more wait time!
Number 1 is already a game changer! Love it. Great work.
Sorry, I am unable to find how to do #1....can someone help guide me? Thanks
Alexander BeinerΒ 

1. Click on the 3 dots ("...") to the top right of a topic

2. Click "Edit Topic"

3. Look for the "Disable truncation" toggle and turn it on

4. Hit "Save changes" at the bottom of the page

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