Member tags are a fun and flexible way to identify community members and share a sense of identity. Tags can be visible to admins only for internal tracking, or everyone in the community.

Navigate to Settings → Member Tags → Create a member tag

✅ Step 1: Name your tag
The name chosen for this tag will be publicly viewable wherever displayed.

✅ Step 2: Design your tag
Icon: Select an icon to associate with your tag.
Color: Select a background color to associate with your tag.

Please note that the admin label is a default tag, and cannot be customized in these settings.

✅ Step 3: Control visibility settings
To make the tag only viewable to admins, toggle this setting OFF. To make the tag publicly viewable to all members, toggle this setting ON.

Display Locations: For public tags, choose where you would like them to appear throughout your community.

Display Format: Select if you want your tag to display a label that contains the icon and text, or only the icon with a tooltip that you can hover on to display the tag name.

✅ Step 4: Apply your tag (optional)
There are two ways to apply member tags, you can do this manually, or with automated Zapier triggers! Let's take a closer look at how to do both:

Manual Tags: If you've already invited members to your community, you can search their name to apply this tag.

Zapier: If you've set up your Circle Zapier integration, you can now create triggers to automatically tag and untag based on certain actions preceding it.

See an example automated workflow below. Create a trigger based on an email, that can then automatically apply a new tag for a member. You can already see how this can start to save you some time! Check out Zapier to explore more of what's possible!

🏁 You did it! These tags will create a visually fun way to know who's who 🙂.