Once you've invited all of your members, it's easy to see who has accepted your invite, versus those that are pending. Let's check out a few ways to do this!

Option 1: Resend an invite for a single member

Navigate to your Members area to view all of your members.

Any member who has not yet accepted their invite will show an "Invited" label. Hover over the three dots to the right and easily resend an invite for a single member!

Option 2: Resend invites in bulk

To resend invitations to all pending members in bulk, go to your Members area, click on the Actions dropdown, and click Resend invitations.

Option 3: Download a CSV Export

The export will show every invited member, and those who have accepted the invite will have a timestamp in the "Join Date" field of the export.

Navigate to Member List → CSV to export all member data for your community.

What else can I do with an exported CSV?
A lot! Here are some ideas:
  • Send an email to members within a specific group using your email automation tool
  • Send an email to members who haven't joined yet using your email automation tool
  • Easily identify and remove inactive members using Zapier automation
  • Use CSV exports to perform bulk actions using EasyCSV and Circle

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