Circle supports private 1-1 direct messaging to help you and your members make more meaningful connections.

If you signed up to Circle before today (Thursday, June 11, 2020), you'll have to navigate to Settings → Direct Messaging and click "Activate" to turn it on for your community.

Please note that we only send an email notification when you receive a DM from someone you have never received a DM from before. Being able to notify via email for all new messages is in the works!

Once it's turned on, any member in your community will be able to send anyone else a 1-1 direct message.

Accessing direct messages

In the top right section of your community header, you and your members will see an icon for messages. Clicking on this icon will show you your direct message threads.

If you don't have any messages, you'll be taken to the new message view, where you can start a conversation by selecting a member from the community.

Starting conversations

Once direct messaging is turned on, you'll find a Message button on member profile cards across your community.

For example, in the Most active members section inside a space:

... or directly on someone's member profile:

... or inside the space or space group member directory:

This feature can be deactivated

We care about how this feature is used — and we'd hate for it to be used for spam, or to make anyone feel unsafe. So, we've made it really easy for you or your members to deactivate this feature on multiple levels.

A member can deactivate direct messaging for their own account for any reason from Settings → Profile.

As an admin, you can deactivate direct messaging for a member by navigating to a member's edit screen in the Members area. If you do this, the member won't be able to turn it back on or access any previous messages unless you do it for them.

And if for any reason you need to, you can always deactivate direct messaging for your entire community once you've turned it on.

Note: all the messages in your community will be scrubbed within 30 days and you won't be able to recover these messages if you wish to activate it again.

We're not done yet!

Stay tuned for future improvements:
  • An emoji picker
  • Open graph link previews
  • Ability to send image and file attachments
  • Ability to archive and delete messages
  • Ability to mark all messages as read

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you:

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