Circle now gives you full visibility on the health and growth of your community β€” letting you dig into the engagement your members, topics, comments, and spaces are seeing.

To access the Analytics tab, click on the graph icon at the top right of your header area.

Note: you won't see this icon show up until you have more than 5 members in your community.

In the Overview tab (pictured below), you'll see a snapshot of the most important metrics across the community: avg daily active members, monthly active members, top members, active topics, active spaces, and popular days/times.

For a more detailed understanding of your community members, you can head over to the member analytics area. Here, you'll find insights on your daily and monthly active members, as well as lists of your most active topic starters, top commenters, and most appreciated members.

The engagement analytics tab will give you insights on the topic and comment engagement, allowing you to filter activity by date and get access to leaderboards of the most popular topics and comments in any given timeframe.

And finally, the spaces tab will give you a birds-eye view as to what spaces are the most engaging! View data about where most topics are getting created, or where the most comments and likes are happening.
πŸ’‘Hover over tooltip icons within the analytics space to see more information about how scores are calculated.
Now you can fully understand what makes your community tick!