Once you invite a member, you can then modify some of their information. Search the name or email of any member to view their information, then click "Manage".

Resend invitation: If you need to resend a member invitation, use this button to trigger another email.

💡Every user can only modify their own email address by clicking on Profile Picture → Authentication. If a member needs a new password they can use the Forgot My Password link on your sign-in page.

💡If a member has already registered their email with another Circle community, they will use the same login, you can customize your onboarding message for those members here.
Give administrative privileges: Provide admin-level access to any member.

Flag member: Flag any member if you require that their content be approved by an admin. Click here to view more about moderation settings.

Member tags: Add tags to further identify the member. 

Spaces: Remove or add spaces for this member.

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