There are five ways to invite members. In this article, we'll describe how each one works!
  • Option 1: Invite members while creating a space
  • Option 2: Manual Invitations
  • Option 3: Bulk Invite
  • Option 4: Invitation Link Manager
  • Option 5: Zapier

Option 1: Invite members while creating a space.

This is one of the easiest ways to invite new members. While creating your space you can select existing members, or enter email addresses for new members.

Option 2: Manual Invitations

Manual invitations are great for inviting a small set of members with different settings.

💡Tip: Want to test the member experience before inviting actual members? Format your email as, etc. This will create a test member that you can use while setting up your community!
Step 1: Provide Basic Information
Navigate to the "Members" section by clicking on the member icon at the top-right of the screen. Then, provide the name and email address of the member you wish to invite.

Step 2: Organize Your Member (Optional)
  • Assign the member an existing tag if you have them created.
  • Add the member to a Space Group that you created. This will automatically add them to all spaces within the group.

Example: Adding a member to the Online Business 101 Space Group pictured above would automatically add the member to all spaces within the group.

  • Invite the member to specific spaces.

💡Tip: If you have a Space Group that has public and private spaces, you might want to invite the member to the public space. On the other hand, you could invite them to a private space, and give the member freedom to join other public spaces.
If you do not select any spaces or Space Groups, they will land on the default space when they join.

Step 3: Manage Permissions
Toggle "Give administrative privileges" on, if you would like to make this member an administrator. This provides the member with the same privileges as you. They can invite new members, moderate content, create new spaces, etc.

Step 4: Invite
🏁 That's it! Click "Invite". This will send your onboarding email and prompt the member to create a password.

The member will appear with an "Invitation Sent" tag until they confirm the account. You can modify members and resend invitations as needed.

Option 3: Bulk Invite

If you are exporting users from another platform, or already have a list of member names and emails, bulk invites can save you time.

Click "Import CSV" to upload a file that contains member names and emails. Here's a template csv you can use to add your member info.

Please ensure that there are no spaces at the end of the email as that can cause errors when importing.

Option 4: Invitation Link Manager

While you can bulk import members, use Zapier, or add them individually, with the invitation link manager you have the ability to share unique invitation links for new member cohorts.

You can access the invitation link manager by clicking on the "Members" icon in the header, and then selecting "Invitation Links" from the sidebar. Click here to learn more!

Option 5: Zapier

Zapier is a great way to connect apps and share data between them. With Zapier you can set up an invitation trigger after a specific event like a member purchase.

Step 1: Find the Circle App on Zapier
Step 2: Copy API key from Settings -> API Tokens
Step 3: Use the “Invite Member” action

You can also set up a CSV that feeds into Zapier. Here's an example of a Zap you can create!

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