Zapier doesn't always have to work across platforms — you can use Circle for both the input trigger and the output action steps.

In this scenario, we'll show how you can set up a Zapier integration to automatically send a direct message to new members once they've joined your community!

If you wish to send a direct message to all members at once, we recommend integrating EasyCSV with Circle.

✅ Step 1: Find new member in Circle

Choose App & Event
Start by connecting Zapier to your Circle account (more info here)!

Customize Member
Here is where you will select the Circle community where Zapier will find new members (just in case you have multiple communities).

Find Data
Test your trigger which will return an example member. This is how you can confirm Zapier is looking for members in the right places. If everything looks good, click "Continue".

✅ Step 2: Send direct message in Circle

Choose App & Event
Select the Circle app, and the event we will use here is "Send Direct Message".

Customize Direct Message
Here you can select the community, and input the automated direct message to send once a new member joins. We offer a couple of simple dynamic field options to add in extra customization!

Send Data
Send data to test the connection! Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the test as you cannot send a direct message to yourself.

💡 Tip: To test your Zap once you turn it on, you can invite a separate email address to confirm it's working. Please allow at least 15 minutes for the message to appear once the invite is accepted.
🏁 Once your Zap is ready, turn it on!

Here's a complete list of actions that can be automated within your community:
  • Invite Members
  • Create Topics
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Create Comments
  • Remove Members
  • Tag Members
  • Untag Members
  • Add Members to Space Groups
  • Remove Members from Space Groups
  • Add Members to Spaces
  • Remove Members from Spaces

To jumpstart other use cases, check out our integrations page here!

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