Getting your members actively engaged with the community starts with their initial experience, so we make it easy to customize your onboarding experience on Circle. Give every new member a warm welcome by incorporating these tips!

⚙️ Customize your onboarding popup and email

Onboarding popups and emails are your core opportunities to create a call to action and get new members engaged the moment they join. Both onboarding options are fully customizable. Change the text, formatting, add images, or embed video to tailor their experience.

Lastly, set the button URL 🔗 to point your members to a welcome topic, or any page you’d like them to move to next. 

The onboarding popup appears after a member creates an account and the onboarding email is sent to them simultaneously.

💁🏽 Set your default Space for new members

The next stop on the onboarding journey is selecting a default Space for your new members. With Circle, you can select the first Space a member is taken to after they join your community. You can treat your default Space like a community landing page and include anything you want your members to experience on their first visit — whether it's product updates, introductions, or a "Getting Started" guide.

🙋‍♀️ Create a Space for introductions and set a welcome topic

Greeting new members is a crucial step towards creating a welcoming environment in your community. There’s no wrong way to say hello, though we find a dedicated Space for introductions (with a welcome topic pinned to the top) sets the tone and encourages other members to jump on the welcome bandwagon, too! Plus, after a member creates their first comment they’re even more likely to continue engaging elsewhere in the community.

With a little planning and a bit of crafty writing, your introduction Space can even help you learn more about your members with each new contribution. Ask new members to share what they’re hoping to gain, or share a fun fact about themselves!

An introductions topic is a fantastic opportunity to remind new members to complete their profiles. We want to know who we’re meeting, after all!

📂 Organize your spaces with space groups

Help members easily navigate your community by creating Space groups if you find you have a lot of Spaces. You can group related Spaces, organize them by topic, or otherwise segment your Spaces in ways that make sense for your community. New members will thank you for it.

With these suggestions, you can create an onboarding process that gets your new members engaged and coming back for more!