An engaged community is full of members bursting to share their experiences with you, and each other! You’ll need to consider engagement strategies to help you kickstart discussions, keep your members engaged with your brand, and set the tone of your community

📅 Create an engagement calendar

Content schedules aren’t just for Instagram anymore! Keep your members engaged by sharing interesting content they’ll care about most, and keep it coming! As a creator, you’ll likely have plenty to share about your brand and offerings, but you’ll want to mix in other topics of interest, too. To make it easy, we’ll start you out with a few of the simplest ideas.

Pinned topics
"Introductions" and "Getting Started" topics are great places to start when creating content for your community. These topics are an essential part of your onboarding process, and because they’re evergreen discussions you’ll usually want to keep them pinned at the top of a Space so they’re easy to find. Additionally, you can use these topics to show off the voice of your brand, set expectations for your community, or otherwise set the tone.

Recurring themes
If you’re concerned about running out of ideas for new topics, consider recurring themes that you can repeat on specific days or weeks. Recurring topics can make planning easier, though most importantly, you're creating consistency and giving your members something to look forward to.

Conversation starters
Create a list of conversation starters and questions you can ask your community when things get slow. Easy, fun options are great for quick engagement, but also consider questions that encourage your members to tell you more about themselves, their connection to your brand, their roadblocks, or use the opportunity to prompt for feedback and suggestions. These are opportunities for your members to invest time and effort into the community, which fosters retention.

🗣 Engage, provide support and be accessible

Don’t leave your members hanging! Be accessible. Communities are about interaction, and it starts with you. If you are unresponsive, expect others to follow your lead. See questions that only you can answer? Jump in - or empower others to help out! Read what your members are posting, like and comment on their topics, too. Remember, every post is an opportunity to get to know your members and empower them to succeed.

Although it’s crucial that you engage, try not to dominate every conversation. You want to give others an opportunity to shine! Help kickstart the discussion, but once you get the conversation flowing it's time to the let your members continue to chat on their own. 

👋 Loop them in

Are your new members hesitant to jump in? Utilize member tagging to loop members in on a discussion, or to help new members find existing topics or spaces they may be interested in joining.

Now that you’ve got the basics down it's time to start brainstorming your engagement strategy and create an engagement calendar for your community. Consider who your members are and the types of content they’d be interested in, and you can’t go wrong.