If you'd like to find the best method to monetize your community, Circle offers different options so that you can choose what works best for you. Please note that Circle doesn't host any payments directly between you and your members yet.

However, the following workflows can easily be incorporated into your membership or payments provider, and let you offer customers paywall.

Option 1: Utilize invitation links

Creating custom invitation links is the easiest way to provide access to your community. These could be used in email confirmations after a member completes a purchase.

The invitation link method allows you to control which spaces and groups members are added to once they set up their account. This would be a great option for managing member cohorts or setting up tiered access depending on the product purchased.

Option 2: Set up a Zapier integration

Circle is connected with Zapier which makes integrating with thousands of apps seamless. You can check out all of the apps we connect with here.

As shown above, you can easily reference dynamic data from your app for any member that will receive an invite to your community. You can additionally add them to spaces and groups, assign tags, and more!

Regardless of which app you connect to, the flow is the same:

Step 1: Member pays for access through a third-party platform (Teachable, Stripe, Shopify etc.)
Step 2: Zapier will look for any new actions from Step 1, and then automatically trigger an invitation
Step 3: The user will accept the invite to set up their user profile and password

Using SSO? You can additionally skip the invitation email to avoid confusion from members about how to access your community.

If you're interested in setting up complex workflows you can learn more about Zapier filters and paths to take your user journey to the next level.

To get started with Zapier and learn about other actions, check out our article on connecting Zapier with Circle here.

If you're interested in performing bulk actions with Zapier, learn more about EasyCSV here!

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