If you're wondering how to perform bulk automation in your community, most Zapier connections only let you perform actions for new triggers. A typical integration would only let you send a direct message to a new member, whereas connecting with EasyCSV would enable you to send a direct message to a group of members in your community based on a CSV import.

We will show how you can automatically upload a CSV using EasyCSV to perform any of the following actions:
  • Bulk remove members
  • Bulk tag members
  • Bulk remove tag from members
  • Bulk add members to space groups
  • Bulk add members to spaces
  • Bulk remove members from space groups
  • Bulk remove members from spaces
  • Bulk direct message members
In this example, we will showcase how to send a bulk automated direct message to your members, however you can substitute this for any other action within Circle. To jumpstart other use cases, check out the Circle and EasyCSV Zapier page here! Please note that setting up the Zapier integration is free, although EasyCSV would require a paid plan which you can learn more about here.

*Please note that Zapier imports are currently limited to 100 rows.

💡 We recommend having a couple of test member accounts in your community. This can help you explore Zapier integrations without having any affect on your community. The easiest way to do this is by adding a plus sign and a random number to your email ex. email+1@test.com, email+2@test.com. Click here to view a sample CSV.
Before you get started, you'll want to have a few things handy:
  1. A CSV of your members, or the test members that you created in your Circle account
  2. A tab open with easycsv.io
  3. A tab open with zapier.com - Connect with Circle by following these steps

✅  Step 1: Set up EasyCSV

Navigate to EasyCSV and sign up for a paid account. The first thing you will be prompted to do after creating any kind of account is to import a CSV. No action will be taken and this is required for your account setup.

You can select the CSV you will be using along with the appropriate fields. For this direct message example, I only need to use the email field from my CSV. If you wish to import other fields for customization you can!

✅  Step 2: Navigate to Zapier from EasyCSV

You will then be presented with a red bar asking how you want to set up an integration for this sheet. Click "Create Zapier Zap" → Scroll to "Click here to start a zap with Easy CSV → Click "Connect to 2000+ Apps".

✅  Step 3: Connect EasyCSV with Circle in Zapier

1. Set up the EasyCSV trigger
  • Choose the New Spreadsheet Row Import in EasyCSV trigger if not automatically selected
  • Select your EasyCSV account, click "Continue"
  • Test your trigger to make sure Zapier has located your EasyCSV account

2. Set up your Circle action
Now that we've set up an EasyCSV trigger to look for new imports, select the Circle app so we can start creating some actions. In this example, we'll send an automated direct message.

Choose account
In this step, you will select the Circle account where your members are located.

Customize direct message
This is where you will customize the direct message. You'll want to use "Record Data Email" to pull in the user email.

Send Data
Send data to ensure the connections are working. You'll get a success message once it's ready to go!

For direct message zaps, you won't be able to test this as you can't send a direct message to yourself. If you want to test, you will want to use a CSV with test members in your community as mentioned in the beginning. You will be notified of any connection errors.
🚨 Once your zap is ready, make any modifications needed, and turn it on! Your CSV import will not work if you haven't turned your zap on.
✅  Step 4: Import your CSV to EasyCSV
Navigate back to EasyCSV, and locate your test sheet import from Step 1! You can find your sheets at any time by going to the home page and clicking "View Your Sheets".

Select your file again to re-upload it to EasyCSV now that the Zapier connection is active.
If you decided to ignore specified fields from earlier, EasyCSV will remind you! You'll then receive a confirmation of the import, along with a confirmation email.
🏁  That's it! EasyCSV has completed the import and you will receive an email confirmation. Once your zap runs (usually within 15 minutes), your Zapier integration will send the automated direct message. Within every zap you can view the task history in the right sidebar.

You can keep this zap on within Zapier if you want to re-use this same automation regularly by uploading a new CSV to trigger another action. Or you can turn the zap off if this was a one time action.

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