Circle is available through Zapier, which allows you to connect with thousands of apps! Automate workflows or create customized triggers to help you integrate your community with external tools. Connecting with Zapier is super simple!

✅   Step 1: Navigate to Zapier → My Apps, then search for Circle

✅   Step 2: Navigate back to Circle, and copy your API key from Settings -> API Tokens

✅   Step 3: Paste in your API Key

🏁   That's it! Circle is now ready to be used with Zapier, you should now be able to test and see a successful connection.

Here are the actions that Circle and Zapier can trigger along with examples. Keep in mind that these are simple examples, but the possibilities are endless!

  • Create Comments: Create a survey, and entries can create comments under a specific topic.
  • Invite Members: Trigger a member invite after receiving an email notification that confirmed a new member paid for your course.
  • Create Topics: Feed new topics into a Slack channel to monitor activity.
  • Remove Members: Use a google spreadsheet to remove members from your community in bulk.
  • Tag Members: Automatically apply a private tag to identify paid members of your community.
  • Untag Members: Use a google spreadsheet to bulk remove tags for members that no longer apply.
  • Add Members to Space Groups: Add members to a private mastermind space group after a paid purchase.
  • Remove Members from Space Groups: Automatically remove a member from your space group after a member cancels their subscription.
  • Add Members to Spaces: Automatically invite anyone who confirmed a Calendly invite to a specific space within your community.
  • Remove Members from spaces: Use an unsubscribed email confirmation to remove members from a specific space.

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